List of Objects


Hatcher Graduate Library

Accession NumberObject DescriptionMaterial
GL6Magic bowlMetal
GL7Magic bowl with attached prayer tabletsMetal
Isl. Ms. 167Illuminated double-page opening of the Qur’anPaper
Isl. Ms. 238Hilye (verbal icon of the Prophet Muhammad)Paper
Isl. Ms. 249Checkerboard of the "Beautiful Names" of GodPaper
Isl. Ms. 386The Prophet Muhammad's deathPaper
Isl. Ms. 397Double-page painting showing Mecca and the Last JudgmentPaper
Isl. Ms. 401Calligraphy TreatisePaper

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Accession NumberObject DescriptionMaterial
10201Inscribed panelWood
22520Tiraz textile fragmentTextile
22621Tiraz textileTextile
22645Textile fragment with rabbitsTextile
22709Inscribed textileTextile
28801Basin with fishpond motifMetal
28802Mamluk pen box (qalamdan)Metal
29964Bowl with bird and inscription designCeramic
75784Ottoman coin with the tuğra of Mahmud IIMetal
75794Coin with bust portrait of King Faruk IMetal
75938Qajar coin with sun motifMetal
80070Tile mosaic muqarnas fragmentCeramic
80681Amulet with magic square and the Seven Sleepers of EphesusMetal
80682Amulet with five-pointed starMetal
88027Cupbearer blazonTextile
91244Coin weightGlass
91481Coin weightGlass
91604Textile with inscription band and floral designsTextile
91614Textile fragment with interlace designTextile
94075Conical capTextile
94165Polychrome textileTextile
1962.1.52Gaming piece or noisemakerBone
1964.2.13Coin weightGlass
1964.2.14Large weightGlass
1965.3.223Vessel fragmentGlass
1968.2.13Molar flaskGlass
1968.2.41Molar flaskGlass
1968.2.43Large molar flaskGlass
1968.2.63 BottleGlass
1968.3.52Base of a bowl decorated with two fishCeramic
1969.2.6Vessel fragment with cupbearer blazonCeramic
1969.2.21Ceramic vessel fragment studded with gemlike motifsClay
1969.2.22Bowl with fish motifCeramic
1969.2.24Vessel with water filterClay
1969.2.60Spindle whorlBone
1969.2.61Spindle whorlBone
1969.2.62Gaming piece or furniture fragmentBone
1969.2.96Cosmetic spoonMetal
1969.2.120Water filter with rabbit designClay
1969.2.162aOil lampCeramic
1970.3.60Pouring spout and ornate thumb restGlass
1970.3.514Iridescent glass vessel fragmentGlass
1970.3.515Iridescent glass vessel fragmentGlass
1970.3.652Glass fragmentGlass
1970.3.654Vessel fragment with fish motifGlass
1970.3.669Glass fragmentGlass
1970.3.738Glass fragmentGlass
1970.3.933Glass fragmentGlass
1970.3.965Fish-shaped vesselGlass
1970.3.1011Molar flask (unguentarium)Glass
1970.3.1045Gaming pieceGlass
1970.4.423Oil lampCeramic
1970.4.562Vessel fragment with interlace designCeramic
1971.1.3Water filter with lion designClay
1971.1.21Water filter with pseudo-Arabic inscriptionClay
1971.1.22Water filter with geometric patternClay
1971.1.48Architectural revetment tile with rabbit motifCeramic
1972.1.19Oil lampCeramic
1972.1.22Water filter with geometric patternClay
1972.1.32Bread stampClay
1972.1.33Bread stampClay
1985.1.194Ilkhanid coinMetal
1996.3.1Oil lampCeramic
2009.1.174Umayyad dirhamMetal
2009.2.102Fatimid dinarMetal
T2007.34Fragment of tile mosaicCeramic, stone paste

University of Michigan Museum of Archaeological Anthropology

Accession NumberObject DescriptionMaterial
2010-16-2Embroidered textile (suzani)Textile
17369Crimson shawlTextile
35226Celadon glaze stoneware bowl with molded double fish motifCeramic

University of Michigan Museum of Art

Accession NumberObject DescriptionMaterial
2003.1.366Winter in Ann ArborPaper