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Bangles of various sizes 12th–15th centuries, Fustat (medieval Cairo), Egypt Glass Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, 1970.3.231, 1970.3.321, and 1970.3.337


KM 1970.3.231


KM 1970.3.321


KM 1970.3.337

Colorful glass jewelry was produced for hundreds of years before the advent of Islam, especially during the Roman period. Therefore, dating such objects is difficult since the technology and designs changed very little over time. These bangles were made from threads of colored glass that were softened, twisted, and combined in various ways in order to create different patterns. They come in many sizes, suggesting that both adults and children wore them. Alternatively, they may have been worn on different parts of the body, such as the wrist or upper arm.

Bibliography: Carboni 1994; Jenkins 1986, 55; Spaer 1992; and Scanlon 2002.

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