Water Filter with Geometric Pattern

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Water filter with geometric pattern Probably 13th–14th centuries, Fustat (medieval Cairo), Egypt Hand-tooled and pierced clay Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, 1972.1.22

Water filter with geometric pattern

Unlike other ceramic water filters decorated with concentric geometric patterns, this example does not include a radial design. Instead, its simple triangular shapes are repeated to form a grille that resembles woven or braided textiles. These kinds of patterns that mimic textiles can be seen in many art forms, from water filters to architecture. Ornamented with rhythmically alternating rows of triangles, this utilitarian water filter (and others like it) served to add a touch of beauty to everyday life.

Bibliography: Olmer 1932; Scanlon 1986; 1970a; 1968; 1964; and Watson 2004, 133, cat. Ae. 1.

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