Ilkhanid Coin

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Ilkhanid coin AH 714/1314–1315 CE, Jajarm, Iran Silver Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, 1985.1.194

Ilkhanid coin


Ilkhanid coin


This silver coin was minted in 1314–1315 for Sultan Öljeitü (ruled 1304–1316), a prominent monarch of the Ilkhanid dynasty, which ruled over greater Iran between 1256 and 1335. Öljeitü is known for having converted from Sunni to Shi‘i Islam. This coin reflects his adherence to Shi‘ism as the phrase "‘Ali is the friend of God" (‘Ali wali Allah) is added to the standard profession of faith: "There is no God but God and Muhammad is his Messenger." In addition to this sectarian textual proclamation, the overall design of the coin differs from its predecessors. Rather than set in circular, square, or quatrefoil cartouches, the inscriptions are placed within hexafoil and heptafoil medallions.

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