Checkerboard of the "Beautiful Names" of God

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Checkerboard of the "Beautiful Names" of God Muhammad ibn Sulayman al-Jazuli (d. 1465), Dala’il al-Khayrat (Proofs of Good Deeds) 1799, Ottoman Turkey Ink on paper Special Collections, Hatcher Graduate Library, Isl. Ms. 249

Checkerboard of the "Beautiful Names" of God

This collection of prayers includes a grid containing the ninety-nine "Beautiful Names" of God (al-asma’ al-husna). The text area is bordered by a thick gold frame, situated within a lavender-dyed and gold-flecked page. The names of God are written in the vocative and transcribed in alternating colors of red and black ink within separate cells. The "Beautiful Names" of God comprise his many attributes and epithets, including al-Rahman (The Compassionate) and al-Rahim (The Merciful). As part of prayer practices, devotees recite these names, often with the aid of a string of thirty-three prayer beads.

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