Double-page Painting

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Double-page painting showing Mecca (on the right) and the Last Judgment with scales of justice (on the left) Erzurumlu Ibrahim Hakkı, Ma‘rifetname (Book of Gnosis) Manuscript dated AH 1237/1822 CE, Ottoman lands Ink and pigment on paper Special Collections, Hatcher Graduate Library, Isl. Ms. 397

Double-page painting

This 19th-century manuscript is an illustrated copy of an 18th-century text covering a variety of topics including geography, astronomy, natural sciences, theology, and mysticism. This double-page diagrammatic painting at the end of the text's introduction depicts the organization of the cosmos, including the so-called scales of justice used to weigh men's deeds on the Day of Judgment. These scales, which are depicted slightly below the center of the left composition, determine whether the deceased will count among the saved in paradise (represented by a golden tree above) or the damned in hell (shown as a series of purple strata below).

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