1858Francis Willey Kelsey born, fourth child of Olive Trowbridge Kelsey and Henry Kelsey
1880Graduates from the University of Rochester in New York
Joins Lake Forest University faculty in Chicago, Illinois
1882Publishes first contribution to text of ancient authors (Cicero's Cato Maior and Laelius)
1883-5First trip to Europe
1886Publishes best known text, Caesar's Gallic War
Marries Mary Isabelle Badger, December 22nd in Niles, Michigan
1889-1927University of Michigan Professor of Latin
1890-1927Chair of the Department of Latin at the University of Michigan
1891-1927President of University Musical Society
1894Ruth Cornelia Kelsey born
Frieze Organ purchased by University of Michigan with funds raised by Francis Kelsey
1895Helps establish Michigan Classical Conference
1897Charlotte Badger Kelsey born
1900-1Professor at the American School of Classical Studies in Rome, teaching Roman Archaeology and History
1904Publishes first volume of the Humanistic Series, a subseries of the University of Michigan Studies
Easton Trowbridge Kelsey born
1907-12President of the Archaeological Institute of America
1913First concert performed at Hill Auditorium during Kelsey's presidency of the University Musical Society
1919-21First Expedition to the Mediterranean
1923Acquisition of Marburg Vases
Purchased manuscripts of Ottoman sultan Abdul Hamid II (r. 1876-1909)
1924-27Second Expedition to the Mediterranean and Near East
1924Excavations at Pisidian Antioch
1924-35Excavations at Karanis begun by Kelsey
1925Commissions Maria Barosso to paint replica of Villa of Mysteries Bacchic murals
Excavations at Carthage
Purchased Yahuda manuscript collection from the Mamluk and Ottoman periods
1927Dies, May 14 of heart failure