First concert in Hill auditorim

First concert at Hill Auditorium, May 14, 1913 From A. Duderstadt, The University of Michigan: A Photographic Saga (Ann Arbor, 2006)

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As president of the University Musical Society (UMS) from 1891 until his death in 1927, Kelsey worked tirelessly to bring the best performers and programs to Ann Arbor. And as a member of the campus planning committee, he urged the construction of buildings to serve the arts and humanities: a museum of art, a school of music, and an auditorium. When architect Albert Kahn was chosen to design Hill Auditorium, it was Kelsey who conferred with him about location and construction. And it was Kelsey who raised the money to acquire the great organ from the World's Columbian Exposition, now known as the Frieze organ in Hill Auditorium.

In 2012-2013 season, the University Musical Society held a series of special events, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Hill Auditorium