Temple Graffiti: Animals and Plants

Graffito T22. Animal — Bird

Graffito T22

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Birds are one of the more common images among the graffiti at El-Kurru, with at least thirteen bird graffiti in the temple, but it is not entirely clear which species is intended. They are certainly not ostriches or birds of prey and they do not appear to be ducks or geese. Rather, with legs that are sometimes short and sometimes long when extended, their plump bodies, narrow heads, and down-turned tail feathers, they seem most likely to be guinea fowl, which are more clearly represented on Meroitic ceramic decoration. Like the images of dogs chasing hares (graffiti T18T19), the ubiquity of this likely domesticated bird in graffiti has led some scholars to think that they must have figured in the folk tales of ancient Kush.

  • Kurru ID number: 084
  • Location: Wall face E03-5:3
  • Dimensions (H × W): 8.5 × 9.0 cm