Temple Graffiti: Animals and Plants

Graffito T18. Animal – Dog Chasing a Hare

Graffito T18

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This graffito and graffito T19 are difficult to read, but they are intended to represent a dog chasing a hare. The larger animal — the dog — is at left, chasing the hare which races to escape at right. This is perhaps a strange scene to find in a temple setting, but the fact that it is represented at least twice here (and seven times at Musawwarat es-Sufra) suggests that it had some broader significance. It has been proposed that images of this kind may represent scenes from the myths or folk tales of ancient Kush.

  • Kurru ID number: 579
  • Location: Column A07-3:6, northwest face
  • Dimensions (H × W): 6.0 × 8.5 cm