Pyramid Graffiti: Boats

Three categories of boats represented in the El-Kurru Pyramid graffiti can be distinguished by the shape of the hull.

Graffiti images may be downloaded under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Please credit the International Kurru Archaeological Project. Images by Suzanne Davis, Janelle Batkin-Hall, and Bruce Williams.

Graffito P1
Graffito P2
Graffito P3
Graffito P4
Graffito P5
Graffito P6
Graffito P7
Graffito P8
Graffito P9
Graffito P10
Graffito P11
Graffito P12
Graffito P13
Graffito P14
Graffito P15
Graffito P16