Videos were produced by Suzanne Davis and Caitlin Clerkin and edited by Eric Campbell. Transcriptions and captions were provided by Suzanne Davis and Sami Elamin.

El-Kurru director of conservation Suzanne Davis talks about her favorite graffito at El-Kurru and why she likes it.

Archaeologist Caitlin Clerkin discusses her favorite graffito, a confusing arrangement of two horses and a bird.

Sami Elamin, an archaeologist and inspector with Sudan’s National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums, talks about his history with the El-Kurru project, his connection to the site, and his favorite graffito.

Anwar Mahajoub and Bakri Abdelmoneim talk about growing up in El-Kurru village, where an ancient pyramid was the backdrop for their soccer field, and about their work on the International Kurru Archaeological Project.

Geoff Emberling, director of the International Kurru Archaeological Project, talks about what it’s like to visit El-Kurru’s funerary temple.

Mansour Mohamed Ahmed Elhadari, foreman of the International Kurru Archaeological Project, talks about the big questions he’d like answers to, things still to be discovered and explored about the ancient people of El-Kurru.