Pyramid Graffiti: Animals

Graffito P21. Animal – Quadruped

Graffito P21

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This figure, on the left side of the block, is key to the decipherment of two others on the same block (graffiti P22 and P23). Unfortunately, damage to the entire upper left portion of the block renders the graffiti difficult to interpret.

Two pairs of roughly vertical lines are connected by a series of incised lines to make a rather elongate body, a straight back and a somewhat bulged lower body. A long neck angles upward from the forelegs, topped by a forward-pointed V-shaped head. The crudity of this figure precludes a positive identification, but long-necked animals such as the gerenuk (not in this range) or even a very crude camel are as plausible as the body is long.

  • Kurru ID number: P_020
  • Location: East face, south of chapel, course 1, block 3
  • Dimensions (H × W): 17 × 26 cm