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The installation of the exhibit started long before the students and museum professionals painted the walls of the exhibit hall and placed artifacts in the cases.*

Right from the start, decisions had to be made. Professor Sue Alcock had a curriculum for the class. Students in the class had subjects to learn, research to conduct about the area of the exhibit for which they were responsible, and design decisions to make. The students in the class divided into small groups: one group per exhibit area. They made choices about content material, the text for the exhibit signs, and which artifacts from the Kelsey Museum's collection they would use.

The clean room, seen in one of the photographs above, is the room in which artifacts that are being protected can be handled with less damage to the artifacts. These artifacts are kept in an atmospherically controlled environment and are handled with latex gloves.

Click here to see more photos of the installation.

* Please note: some of the scenes of students in the Kelsey Museum's clean room were re-enactments.

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