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About this Project

The Animals in the Kelsey! website was designed by the CHICO team in collaboration with Professor Susan Alcock, the students of Classical Civilization 452, Foods in the Ancient World, and the museum professionals at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. Contributions to the website were made by students from one of Ann Arbor's middle schools, with tremendous help and cooperation from Barbara Quinn.

The Animals in the Kelsey! museum exhibit was organized and designed by the members of the University of Michigan's Classical Civilization 452, Food in the Ancient World, during fall semester 2000. The students collaborated with the staff of the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, and students at the University of Michigan's
School of Art.

Course Instructor: Professor Susan E. Alcock
Associate Curator of Photographs, Kelsey Museum: Robin Meador-Woodruff
Exhibit Preparator, Kelsey Museum: Dana D. Buck
Museum Conservator, Kelsey Museum: Brook A. Bowman

The Students/Exhibit Designers:
Ryan Arens Jodi Goodman Timothy Stevens
Tovah Bender Leigh Hartmann Kim Thoreson
Beth Bernstein Peter Kartje Michelle Tsay
Spyros Boukouris Dan Lee Danielle Valentini
Kate Droste Leah Nickel Matt Van Maanen
Amanda Edge B. J. Orandi Beth Vogel
Adam Fienman Charles Peters Sarah Weinstein
Leonid Garbuzov Andrew Shuman

Original artwork on display in the Kelsey hallway was the work of students from the School of Art and Design:

Lead Artist: Justin Palermo
Artist: Andrew Patterson
Artist: Kate Armstrong-Blanchard

This exhibition was made possible by a grant from the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching and the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program.

This website was created by graduate student members of the Cultural Heritage Initiative for Community Outreach (CHICO), based at the University of Michigan's School of Information. The CHICO members worked closely with Professor Sue Alcock, the students in CC 452, and the museum professionals at the Kelsey Museum. We greatly appreciate the work of everyone involved and thank them for this opportunity to collaborate with them.

Zilia C. Estrada: photographed the exhibit and several instances of the exhibit creation process; developed and taught the concurrent class with the middle school students; photographed the middle school students and their work; contributed lesson plans to Community Outreach section; participated in editorial process with the exhibit labels; edited photographs; and helped with the slideshows and final details of completing the website.

Yifan Ji: developed the site architecture and page layout; created graphics; and coded the pages.

Megan C. Kinney: photographed items in the exhibit (Friday, 3/23/01; after exhibit was up and open to the public), helped with the slideshows using Javascript, edited photographs using Photoshop, inserted and formatted content, completed final work on the website.

Katrice Lewis: developed the site architecture, page layout, and graphic design.

Adina Lipsitz: contributed to the graphic design and overall navigation.

Janet J. Szczesny: researched materials for, and compiled, the Resources page.


Web site created by CHICO , which is based at the University of Michigan, School of Information