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Animal Archaeology | General Archaeology | Teacher Resources

Animal Archaeology

Animal Mummies in the Cairo Museum
This website explores how the ancient Egyptians used animals as pets, sacred figures, offerings and food. It offers very interesting photographs and lots of information.

Discovery.com's Animal Mummies
Find out interesting facts about animal mummification. Through their fascinating descriptions and images, you will learn about why ancient Egyptians mummified animals.

Animal Mummies
You will find alot of information about animal and human mummies! Ask a mummy question or get school project ideas involving mummies. This is a very bright, fun site!

General Archaeology

Websites about Karanis and ancient Roman Egypt
Here, you will find many pictures of artifacts from ancient Egypt- all related to food! Find out what ancient Egyptians ate and how they prepared their food.

Akhet Egyptology: The Horizon to the Past
This is a great resource on Egyptology where you can learn about the mummification process with "the clickable mummy"! Also you will find information on museums in the United Kingdom that house Ancient Egypt artifacts. This website features many, many pictures!

Kids Dig Reed- Artifact Gallery
This is a very fun, interactive site where you can learn archaeology through games, puzzles and a virtual tour. Your archaeological site is a farmstead in eastern West Virginia! That's right, archaeologists don't just study ancient civilizations!

The Internet Public Library Reference Collection: Archaeology
Here, you will encounter a list of the best archaeology websites that the librarians at the IPL could find!

Archaeology dig: A magazine for kids
Write to a real archaeologist or find out about archaeology careers! You can learn about archaeology all over the world: from ancient Egypt and Greece to Hawaii and Asia. Find out about the Maya civilization and what archaeologists have learned about the Near and Middle East. This website has many resources: books, videos, links.

Teacher Resources

The Big Six site authored by Michael Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz.
This website has more information about the "Big Six" information problem-solving process. It also features problem-solving websites about information problem solving skills and digital library resources.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures
EAWC is an on-line course supplement for students and teachers of the ancient and medieval worlds. It features its own essays and primary texts. It has a great index and a sarch feature.


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