Randal Stegmeyer: Exposing the Past

The World Beyond

In addition to his work at the University of Michigan, Randal Stegmeyer has photographed a range of places, artifacts, and people for a number of cultural institutions in southeast Michigan and beyond. His images evoke people and places while capturing a moment of celebration, wonder, or contemplation. Randal's personal photographic work can be seen in the two slideshows.

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Testamentary Gift
Castle ruins
Drying fish
White Lotus Temple, Ann Arbor
Wellness Bus, Detroit
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Palmer House
Woodward Coney, Detroit
Testamentary GiftClose×
Testamentary Gift, Bagley Memorial Fountain, Detroit, 1989
Castle ruinsClose×
Castle ruins, Barr, France, 2000
Rose, Detroit, 1987 Friend and community activist. — R.S.
Drying fishClose×
Drying fish, Amsterdam, 2000
White Lotus Temple, Ann ArborClose×
White Lotus Temple, Ann Arbor, 2007 Mural of a Buddhist deity painted on the walls of a meditation space at White Lotus Farm in Ann Arbor. The temple was destroyed by fire in April 2019. — R.S.
Wellness Bus, DetroitClose×
Wellness Bus, West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, 1988
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Palmer HouseClose×
Living room of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Palmer House, Ann Arbor, 2007 (For Frank Lloyd Wright’s Palmer House, by Grant Hildebrand. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2007)
Woodward Coney, DetroitClose×
Woodward Coney, Detroit, 1989