Historic Textiles from Karanis
Texts about Textiles


The exhibition, “The Fabric of Everyday Life: Historic Textiles from Karanis, Egypt,” was held at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology in the fall of 2001. The exhibition was curated by Thelma K. Thomas, Associate Curator of Post-Classical Collections, with the research assistance of Kelly Goodknecht (Kalamazoo College), Tovah Bender, Emily Modrall, Alicia Carra, and Melanie Grunow (University of Michigan). Robin Meador-Woodruff, Collections Manager and Curator of Slides and Photographs, supplied the photographs used in the exhibition and this website. The website was constructed by Melanie Grunow.

An exhibition catalog by Thelma K. Thomas, Textiles from Karanis, Egypt in the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology: Artifacts of Everyday Life is available for purchase along with other museum publications.