Leisure and Luxury in the Age of Nero

The Villas of Oplontis near Pompeii

Leisure and Luxury in the Age of Nero Leisure and Luxury in the Age of Nero

Ministry (MIBACT) and Pompeii Suprintendency Collaborators

  • Massimo Osanna, Superintendent
  • Pietro Giovanni Guzzo, former Superintendent
  • Grete Stefani, Director of Excavations of Pompei
  • Lorenzo Fergola, Director of Oplontis Excavations
  • Antonella Bonini, Registrar for the Collections of the Excavations of Oplontis
  • Annamaria Sodo, Director, Boscoreale Antiquarium
  • Stefano Vanacore, Head of Conservation, Pompeii
  • Stefania Giudice, Conservator, Pompeii
  • Giuseppe Zolfo, Head of Conservation, Herculaneum
  • Michele Borgongino, Soprintendenza Archaeologist, Photo Archivist
  • Ernesta Rizzo, Secretary to the Superintendent
  • Teresa Giove, Curator of the Cabinet of Medals, National Archaeological Museum, Naples

Other Italian Collaborators

  • Giovanni Di Maio, Geologist
  • Fabiano Ferrucci (Consorzio L’Officina, Rome), Painting Conservation
  • Vincenzo Marasco, Archivist in Torre Annunziata
  • Rita Scognamiglio, Oplontis Project Intern

Oplontis Project Collaborators

  • John R. Clarke, Co-director and Annie Laurie Howard Regents Professor, Department of Art & Art History, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Michael L. Thomas, Co-director and Director, Center for the Study of Ancient Italy, Department of Art & Art History, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Nayla Kabazi Muntasser, Managing Editor, Oplontis Project Publications, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Regina Gee, Associate Professor, Montana State University
  • Erin Anderson, former Registrar of the Oplontis Project
  • Jess Galloway, Architect, Booziotis & Company Architects
  • Timothy Liddell, Owner/Architect at Liddell Projects, LLC
  • Jennifer L. Muslin, Coordinator of Amphora Cataloguing Project, Oplontis B
  • Zoe Schofield, Assistant to Regina Gee
  • Ivo van der Graaff, Director of Excavations at Villa A and Oplontis B
  • Marcus Abbott, ArcHeritage, UK, Head of Geometrics and Visualization

Photo Credits

  • New object photography: Caroline Roberts, John R. Clarke, Timothy J. Liddell
  • The emerald and gold necklace is reproduced courtesy of Pio Foglia, Fotografica Foglia s.a.s.
  • All other images of objects are reproduced courtesy of Mibact, the Soprintendenza Pompei, and the Oplontis Project
  • Gallery views: Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography, University of Michigan

Kelsey Museum Personnel

  • Kate Carras, Museum Entrance Monitor
  • Suzanne Davis, Curator of Conservation
  • Sebastián Encina, Collections Manager
  • Julia Falkovitch-Khain, Web Designer
  • Michelle Fontenot, Registrar
  • Elaine K. Gazda, Exhibition Curator
  • Dawn Johnson, Associate Director
  • Emily Kirk, Assistant Preparator
  • Margaret A. Lourie, Editor
  • Sandra Malveaux, Office Assistant
  • Lynley J. McAlpine, Curatorial Assistant for the Exhibition
  • Scott Meier, Exhibition Coordinator
  • Sarah Mullersman, Coordinator of K–12 and Community Outreach
  • Catherine Person, Educational and Academic Outreach Coordinator
  • Christopher Ratté, Director
  • Alison Rittershaus, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Caroline Roberts, Conservator
  • Lisa Rozek, Administrative Specialist
  • Emma Sachs, Curatorial Assistant on-site in Oplontis
  • Lorene Sterner, Graphic Artist
  • Alex Zwinak, Administrator


  • Tom Bray, U-M Digital Media Commons
  • Steven Driscoll Hixson, Graphic Designer
  • Peter Knoop, LS&A-IT
  • Peter Littlejohn, Graduate Student U-M Digital Media Commons
  • Eric Maslowski, Director, U-M 3D Lab
  • Matthew Naglak, Graduate Student Assistant
  • Stephanie O’Malley, Computer Artist, U-M 3D Lab
  • Sean Petty, Graduate Assistant, U-M 3D Lab
  • Noah Posthuma, Consulting Architect

Museum Interns

  • Zoe Andersen
  • Elizabeth Benedict
  • Michelle Torby
  • Jesse McGrane
  • Nicole Vozar

Consulting Scholars

  • Simon Barker (University of Oxford)
  • Bettina Bergmann (Mount Holyoke College)
  • John Bodel (Brown University)
  • Basil Dufallo (University of Michigan)
  • J. Clayton Fant (University of Akron)
  • Thomas Noble Howe (Restoring Ancient Stabia Project, Southwestern University)
  • Sandra Joshel (University of Washington Emerita)
  • Barbara A. Kellum (Smith College)
  • Guy Métraux (York University Emeritus)
  • Eric M. Moormann (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, NL)
  • Lisa C. Nevett (University of Michigan)
  • Lauren Hackworth Petersen (University of Delaware)
  • David S. Potter (University of Michigan)
  • Jessica Davis Powers (San Antonio Museum of Art)
  • David Stone (University of Michigan)
  • Nicola Terrenato (University of Michigan)
  • Andrew Wallace-Hadrill (University of Cambridge)
  • Courtney A. Ward (University of Oxford)

University of Michigan Funding Sources

  • College of Literature, Science & the Arts
  • Office of the Vice President for Research
  • Department of the History of Art
  • Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

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