Exhibition and website credits

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Exhibition curators Lauren Talalay and Janet Richards are grateful to:

David Dickason, Director, and Marilyn Johnson, Administrative Assistant, The W.E. Upjohn Center for the Study of Geographical Change, Western Michigan University, for extraordinary assistance throughout the planning of this exhibition. The mounted large-scale photographs of Ruwenzori Mountains and Long View of Giza Pyramids are on temporary loan from the Upjohn Center.

We would also like to thank:

The Light and Meader Families
Floyd Parks

Christopher Baruth, Curator
Susan Peschel, Visual Resources Librarian
American Geographical Society Library, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Peter Lewis, Archivist
American Geographical Society

Thom Myers
Office of University Relations
and The Upjohn Center for the Study of Geographical Change, Western Michigan University

Bill Woods, Environmental Studies, Kansas University

At the University of Michigan:

Amy Harris, Director
Daniel Erickson, Exhibits Preparator
Exhibit Museum of Natural History

Diane Tracy
LSA Development, Marketing, and Communications

Carla Sinopoli, Director
Museum of Anthropology
Terry Johnson and Staff
Paint Shop

At the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology:

Terry Wilfong and Peg Lourie for extraordinary assistance throughout the implementation of this exhibition
Silva Stewart, Sharon Herbert, Helen Baker, Scott Meier, Michelle Fontenot, Barret Roebuck, and Sebastian Encina

And finally, we are deeply grateful to Brock Lytle, Project Manager, Paragon Display Group, Ann Arbor, MI, for truly exceptional patience and assistance with the production of the mounted photographs and panels in this exhibition.

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