Drinking Vessels

From left to right:
(A) Carinated Beaker: On base ring; Colorless glass with trail at neck; H. 9.0 cm; Second or third century AD; Cyprus (Cesnola Collection; KM 88838

(B) Tall beaker: Colorless glass indented; H. 11.5 cm; Second or third century AD; probably Syria (Havemeyer Collection); KM 88845

(C) Beaker: Blue glass with wheel cut rings; H. 7.0 cm; Cologn (Kelsey Collection); KM 1669

U-shaped wine glass
Greenish glass
Spiral threading on upper half of the body
H. 9.3 cm
Fourth or fifth century AD
Karanis (UM excavations)
KM 5965

Modiolus (one-handed beaker)
Greenish glass with milky weathering
Wheel-cut rings
Blue trail on handle and ringing base
H. 14.8
Late first century AD
Egypt (Tano Collection)
KM 25729