Death on Display in the Ancient World


Valeria Callityche, Freedwoman - A Classic Roman Inhumation

gold earring
  • Ari Faneuil
  • Anne Heller
  • Eric Plantier
  • Barrett Streu


Cremation in a Roman Port Town

  • Michael S. Grabinski
  • Gregory M. Westbrook
  • Erik R. Zempel
two cremation urns
This group undertook the web design and production of its own portion of this site.


Diversity in Death: A Tomb in Terenouthis

 bronze coin of Diocletian

  • Leslie Arndt
  • Dina Bonnell
  • Brad Claus
  • Kim Conley

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  • Melanie D. Grunow for web design and production
  • William J. Pestle for creating the burial assemblages studied by the students in CC 120 Death on Display in the Ancient World
  • Shannon Stock for special photography for this web site
  • Robin Meador-Woodruff and the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology for their kind cooperation in this endeavor

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A detail of the brick wall in archive photograph KM 61.7.1098 is used as the background image for this web site.

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