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KM 2902: Glass unguentaria deformed by heat.

Some remains of glass unguentaria were present in the urn.** Unguentaria, or "tear bottles", were commonly placed with the body before cremation. These vessels frequently contained ritual oils and perfumes. This is what they look like as part of a cremation.....

Glass unguentaria from the collection of the Kelsey Museum

..and this is what they may have originally looked like.

**Please note: this "assemblage" was created solely for educational purposes. While the cremation urn KM 2903 and its contents may reflect an actual burial (it was purchased in the 1920's in Puteoli, Italy), the other objects in this "assemblage" (columbarium, inscription, and melted glass) do not come from the same archaeological context. A full explanation of this class project is found on the introductory page for this website.

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