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KM 930: Funerary Inscription which reads (in Latin):

"To the gods of the netherworld

To Julia Chrestes

Junius Phoebion

for his wife

well deserving it

he made it."

This inscription is fairly typical of a grave marker found in a columbarium. Note the red paint that remains in the crevices of the epitaph's lettering; this fairly common practice was used to make the lettering stand out. The Romans often had very elaborate stories engraved on tombstones to warn travelers of dangers, to commemorate the dead, or just to flaunt the accomplishments of the deceased. Because the stele is broken at the bottom, it is difficult to determine if it included such a story. Because a thin line of cement runs approximately one and a half inches from the face (around the side) of the stele, we believe that it was probably embedded in a wall at one time, either in a columbarium or displayed as a work of art in a later construction.

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