Exhibiting the Kelsey


An experimental student exhibition curated by
Mariana Giovino, Carla Goodnoh, Kristina Milnor, Jennifer Trimble
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Spring, 1996
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is not an exhibition of exhibitions. It is not a historical narrative. It is not a geographic location. It is also not a peepshow, a graphic installation, an Egyptian house, or a red-figure vase. It is not a scholar's desk. It is not pictures, or pots, or prose. It is not that thing over there. It's not one story. It's all of these.

Welcome. But please remember, someone is watching you.



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1. act of showing, display
2. a document or material object produced and identified in court or before an examiner for use as evidence
3. a public showing

An exhibit is a single look within a larger context of looking at ancient objects. Every object came from somewhere; it is stored and cared for within the museum; it may have been exhibited before; it may be studied and exhibited in the future. At the same time, objects mean different things depending on how they are displayed, for whom, and to what end.

This exhibit was created by four students who did not always agree on what objects were important or how they should be presented. They shared the common goal of exploring the ways in which objects are looked at in the Kelsey Museum.

Caught in a look: the museum, the objects, you, us.




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