The inspirational occasion for these two exhibitions is the XXth Annual Byzantine Studies Conference which, this year (October 20-23, 1994), is hosted by the University of Michigan for the second time. The Byzantine Studies Conference is an annual forum for the presentation and discussion of papers embodying current research on all aspects of Byzantine history and culture. Two items from University of Michigan collections will be discussed in papers given at the conference: the smaller of two fragments of an early papyrus roll is displayed below (the larger is over 9 feet long -- P.Mich 6901) with a later Byzantine codex (Ms. 50).

Traditionally, University of Michigan collections are the subject of research its regular faculty, staff and students as well as scholars from outside the University. The collections are also used for teaching within the undergraduate and graduate curricula, as well as across the boundaries of the University, deliberately including school, religious and other community groups among its consituents.

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