Index of Kelsey Museum objects included in the online exhibition (click on object description to see the picture).

KM NumberObject DescriptionDate
KM 92Mosaic: Overlapping circlesRoman Period
KM 202Oil lamp fragment with peacock4th century AD
KM 818Inscription of a Chief MagistrateRoman Period (Flavian)
KM 933Inscription of the sailor Titus2nd century AD
KM 1030Inscription of a chamber attendantEarly 1st century AD
KM 1037Inscription of the Spurius family2nd century BC
KM 1048Inscription of a young manMid-2nd century AD
KM 1050Grave marker of Cornelia HermioneLate 1st–2nd century AD
KM 1122Cinerary urn with lidRoman Period
KM 1511, 1495Lamp with lamp stand1st century AD
KM 1590Inscription from an official decreeAD 113
KM 1670Free-blown bell-shaped beaker6th–7th century AD
KM 1761Veiled votive head in profileLate 4th–early 1st century BC
KM 1843Brindisi-type amphora fragmentLate 2nd century BC – 1st century AD
KM 1881Vessel with handles (sihila)1570–1293 BC
KM 1884aWorked leg from a stool1570–1293 BC
KM 1889Hairpin1570–1293 BC
KM 1890Comb1570–1293 BC
KM 1903Ushabti of Ramose1293–1185 BC
KM 1951Socketed axe (Securis)1st century AD
KM 1949Six-pronged drag-hoe (Rastrum)1st century AD
KM 1948Hoe (Sarculum)1st century AD
KM 2424Fragment of an EntablatureRoman Period
KM 2425Profile head of a soldier in reliefRoman Period
KM 2426Fragment of an ionic or composite capitalRoman Period
KM 2427Fragment of an EntablatureRoman Period
KM 2430Head in relief of Vespasian wearing the Corona CivicaRoman Period
KM 2431Fragment of a Lorica Segmentata and right hand in reliefRoman Period
KM 2565Stirrup jarCa. 1300–1200 BC
KM 2569 a-bPyxis with geometric decoration and birdsCa. 750–700 BC
KM 2590Drinking cup (chalice)625–575 BC
KM 2600Black-figure amphoraLate 6th–early 5th century BC
KM 2610Bell krater with dancing satyrs440–430 BC
KM 2611Storage box (lekanis)4th century BC
KM 2622Guttus350–325 BC
KM 2719Mural fragment with golden kantharos1st century AD
KM 2817Jug (Olpe)Early 3rd century BC
KM 2835Wall painting of a horse with saddle2nd–3rd century AD
KM 5888Molded plate fragment4th–5th century AD
KM 5932Conical lamp3rd–4th century AD
KM 5936Flask with stopper1st–4th century AD
KM 5965Footed cup1st–4th century AD
KM 6263Small free-blown bottle2nd–3rd century AD
KM 7023Fragmentary statuette of Harpocrates2nd century AD
KM 8151Door with lock1st–4th century AD
KM 10843Sandal1st–4th century AD
KM 21391Ear spoon1st–4th century AD
KM 24892Paneled door1st–4th century AD
KM 24932a-b, KM 7477Storage box1st–4th century AD
KM 25714Fragmentary molded furniture ornament2nd–3rd century AD
KM 89015Sealed and inscribed envelope2112–2004 BC
KM 89026Tablet with Sumerian cuneiform2112–2004 BC
KM 89454Sealed and inscribed tablet312–248 BC
KM 89475Tablet with Babylonian inscription2000–1600 BC
KM 89509Tablet with Akkadian cuneiform2350–2193 BC
KM 89533Round school tablet2112–2004 BC
KM 93873, 93876Cornice fragment from the Temple of AugustusEarly 1st century AD