Antioch Overflight


Beginning from a close view of the altar and temple within the Imperial Cult Sanctuary, the view pulls out to a point where the entire city may be seen. During this phase, only structures that have been excavated or are securely known from magnetometry are reconstructed. At the point of furthest distance from the city, hypothetical structures (houses and appartment buildings, domus and insulae) fade in in gray and then assume full-color rendering. The viewer is then taken over the City Gate and cascade to the Decumanus Maximus (primary East-West road), where the Theater and the Imperial Cult Sanctuary can be seen at left. A turn is made north onto the Cardo Maximus with the Nymphaeum at its northern terminus. Nect there is an examination of the aqueduct and a return over the Bath complex. The viewer then circles the Basilica "of St. Paul" before entering its nave. The last view is of the collonaded nave with apse at its end.