Flyout to the Sanctuary of Men


Beginning from West of the city, the viewer flies over Antioch with the Aqueduct and Bath to the left (North), the City Gate to the left (South), and the Basilica, Theater, and Imperial Cult Sanctuary at center. Next the viewer croses the valley to the East of Antioch and ascends the mountain Kara Kuyu. At its top is the Sanctuary of Men, the Anatolian Moon-god. The temenos and temple of Men are at the southern extremity of a sanctuary complex that contains: 13 single-room buildings (reconstructed as treasuries), 5 multi-room buildings (foundation courses shown), a small, tetrastyle temple (reconstructed in the Ionic order), an Odeon (foundation courses shown), and a Christian Basilica. It is possible to see parts of Antioch from the Sanctuary of Men, 3.5 km from the city.