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Ushabti, KM 88708 Limestone, paint 18th–early 19th Dynasty (ca. 1549–1189 BC) Egypt, possibly Thebes H. 0.190 m, W. 0.065 m, D. (feet) 0.045 m, D. (head) 0.048 m Kelsey Museum purchase 1935, collected by Dr. David L. Askren Unpublished


Almost intact, with minor chipping and wear at face, hands, feet. Modern intervention of two metal pins set in plaster and protruding from feet. Pinkish limestone with black and red paint. Carving quite rough, with unfinished areas on face and torso and plain, undifferentiated abdomen and legs. Lappet headdress, painted black. Wide face with prominent ears, almond-shaped eyes, wide nose and lips. Arms crossed over torso. Seed sack over right shoulder, distinguished in back by hatched incised boxes, painted red. Vertical band of black-painted hieroglyphs down front. Feet undifferentiated.

Ushabti Ushabti