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Ushabti, KM 1971.2.161 Faience Saite Period, 26th Dynasty (664–525 BC) or later (per Peter Lacovara, personal communication) Egypt H. 0.111 m, W. 0.029 m, D. (base) 0.026 m Kelsey Museum purchase 1971, formerly Bay View Association Collection, collected in Egypt by Dr. Camden McCormack Cobern, 1890s


Intact. Brown incrustation on left side of head and along rear pillar, some darkening in deep molded areas. Yellowed modern glue at rear of head. Turquoise blue glaze, darker color in low areas of relief. Male figure, standing on plain rectangular plinth with support pillar at back. Plain headdress, unarticulated. Deep-set, wide eyes, large protruding nose with nostrils, full pursed lips, large elongated ears. Narrow beard with angled hatching to distinguish plaiting. Arms crossed over chest, with right hand holding bag over left shoulder, continuing as pattern of dots partway down back. Left hand holding hoe or pick against right shoulder. Incised hieroglyphs in horizontal band across waist and vertical band from hips to feet. Feet undifferentiated.

Previously Published:

Napoleon’s Legacy: The European Exploration of Egypt, exh. cat. (Ann Arbor, MI: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology 1984) 33, no. X.1.