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Aphrodite » Mold for Figurine of Aphrodite with Egyptian Wig

Mold for Figurine of Aphrodite with Egyptian Wig, KM 9938 Plaster 2nd–3rd century AD Fayum (Egypt) H. 0.200 m, W. 0.125 m, D. 0.055 m Kelsey Museum purchase 1935, collected by Dr. David L. Askren Unpublished


Mold for figurine of standing nude female with upraised arms. Broken at top of head and above knees. Coarse fabric, pinkish buff, with large angular black and gray inclusions and large voids. Pinkish red staining on molded surface from clay, and dark weathering over 25% of surface. Irregular, cylindrical form on back, with rounded depressions at edge near waist and top of head for grasping and separating the two halves of the mold. Figurine produced in mold was standing nude female, wearing circular diadem with six-pointed star and long, articulated wig with braided hair. Upraised arms (lower parts of arms would have been made separately and attached), contraposto pose, with prominent breasts and belly.

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