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Aphrodite Anadyomene, KM 25986 Faience, greenish-blue 1st–3rd century AD Karanis (Egypt), House C198 p.H. 0.080 m, p.W. 0.036 m, D. 0.028 m University of Michigan Excavations at Karanis 1930; field number 30-C198K'-C


Molded, high relief appliqué originally attached to faience vessel. Broken on all sides. Nude female, with knees to right and arms raised to hair. Fillet and wreath indicated by impressed dots; hair is parted and drawn into sections on forehead, with some locks falling to neck. Prominent breasts and round belly.

Previously Published

The Gods of Egypt in the Graeco-Roman Period, exh. cat. (Ann Arbor, MI: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology 1977) 82, no. 78; T. Wilfong, Women and Gender in Ancient Egypt, From Prehistory to Late Antiquity, exh cat. (Ann Arbor, MI: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology 1997) no. 75. Michigan Academician 13:2 (Fall 1980) cover image.