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Aphrodite Anadyomene, KM 10888 Bronze Late 3rd century AD? Karanis (Egypt), House B514, Room A p.H. (torso) 0.203 m, W. 0.123 m, D. 0.060 m University of Michigan Excavations at Karanis 1935; field number 33-B514A-A


Statuette of standing nude female holding her hair with upraised arms. Badly corroded; upper part of diadem missing; legs below thighs broken off (but partially preserved). Hollow cast bronze. Two-tiered crown atop head. Hair centrally parted, with bun at back and long braids extended outward. Arms raised to extended hair tresses; supporting joist from right shoulder to right hand. Rounded face, turning to right. Contraposto pose with thighs together, right leg advanced.

Previously Published

The Gods of Egypt in the Graeco-Roman Period, exh cat. (Ann Arbor, MI: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology 1977) 26, no. 10; V. Hutchinson in E. Gazda, ed., Guardians of the Nile: Sculptures from Karanis in the Fayoum, exh. cat. (Ann Arbor, MI: Kelsey Museum of Archaeology 1978) 48, no. 40; F. Burkhalter, “Les statuettes en bronze d’Aphrodite en Égypte romaine d’après les documents papyrologiques,” Revue archéologique (1990) 51–60, fig. 2.

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