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Roman Imperial Image » Silver Denarius with Head of Augustus

Silver Denarius (Obverse) Silver Denarius (Reverse)
Silver Denarius with Head of Augustus, KM 1987.9.11 Silver 18 BC Provenance unknown Diam. 0.019 m, Wt. 3.83 g Kelsey Museum purchase, Spink and Son, London. Formerly in British collection, acquired between 1945 and 1970 Unpublished


  • Mint: Spain (Colonia Patrica?)
  • Obv: Laureate head of Augustus, facing right. Framing dots. CAESARI AVGVSTO
  • Rev: Temple of Mars Ultor: Circular domed hexastyle tholos with acroteria, set on podium with three steps, showing Roman eagle and two standards between columns. MAR-VLT
  • Axis:
  • Reference: Roman Imperial Coins I, Augustus 105; Roman Silver Coins, Vol. 1, 190.